2018 Cook Team Sponsors and Cook Teams

Cook Team Sponsors                                                                                            Cook Teams

A. Jack Harrell, DDS/Dr. Brantley Briley                                                                                   Copperhead BBQ Sauce

Allstate Inurance - Chris Humphrey/Allstate Insurance - Carmon Jones Agency                 Kermit's Revenge

Ambassadors/Young Professionals of Lenoir County                                                             3 Brothers BBQ

Capps Trailers                                                                                                                            Scouting Pigs

Carolina Tech. Plastics                                                                                                               PIG-E-PICKERS

Charles Hughes Construction                                                                                                  Crossfitters Cook Team

Chef & the Farmer                                                                                                                     Southern Accents

Cherry Energy                                                                                                                           Jamie Ferrell

Chick-fil-A                                                                                                                                  Pig Out Cooking Team

CIC Financial/McConnell Holdings                                                                                          Natural Born Grillers

Coastal Connections Marketing, Inc./Roberts Lawn Care                                                     Morgan Garner II

Contract Flooring & Design                                                                                                      Contract Flooring

Convergy of Greenville                                                                                                            Convergy's Outsaucers

CopyPro                                                                                                                                     Lasy Days

Corporate Resources/Domestic Fabrics                                                                                 Grimes Rd BBQ

Creech's Painting, Inc.                                                                                                              M&D BBQ

Custom Seeding & Environmental                                                                                          Down Home Cookers

Daughtey's Office Supply                                                                                                        Beach Bums

Davis Wholesale Tires                                                                                                              BBQ Collective Smokehouse

Dickie Killinger/Spring Arbor of Kinston                                                                                 Turner Ts BBQ

Dillard Wallace Construction Co./Jake A. Parrott Insurance Company                                Pork Stars

Down East Protection Systems                                                                                               T-Bones Cooking Team

Down East Wood Ducks/Lenoir County Council on Aging                                                   Big Bad Wolf

Dr. John - Physician's East                                                                                                       T&T BBQ 2

Dunn & Dalton Architects                                                                                                        Gettin Piggy with It

Eastpoint Prosthetics & Orthotics                                                                                           Grillin n Chillin

Ernie Everette Site Prep                                                                                                          Backdraft BBW

Evan's & Associates/Carolina Finance                                                                                    Ziggy's Piggy

Fast Forward Signs/Sportland Trophy Case                                                                           T-Bone

Field Controls                                                                                                                            Fur and Spur

First Flight Credit Union                                                                                                           Wolf Pirate BBQ

Hale Artificiary                                                                                                                          Thunder Swamp Smokers

Hampton Inn/Holiday Inn                                                                                                         Southeast Swine Kings

Harvey Family Dentistry                                                                                                           Southern Slop

Hawk's Nest Cafe and General Store/Blue Mountain Enterprises, Inc.                                Big Papa BBQ

Heritage Elite Estates                                                                                                               The Hole Ol' Fashioned BBQ

Highland Furniture                                                                                                                    BP Country Cookers

High Tower                                                                                                                                 Pocosin Boys

Hillco, Inc./Prinicple                                                                                                                   Millhole BBQ

James & Rebecca Perry                                                                                                            Justin Black

Jamie Creel                                                                                                                                3 Pigs and a Hog

J.C. Howard Farms                                                                                                                     Just the Good Ole Boys

Judy Jones, Wil Hardy, Keith Thompson - State Farm Insurance                                           Amy Whitley

KC Crop Insurance                                                                                                                     Pickin & Grillin BBQ

Keever and Jones, LLC                                                                                                              Ralph Bellamy

Kinston Clinic Pharmacy/Dempsey Pharmacy                                                                         East Coast Smokehouse

Kinston Country Club                                                                                                                 KCC BBQ Crew

Lazy Gator's Hemp Farm                                                                                                           Dem Hemp Hawgs

Lenoir Community College                                                                                                        BBQ Bruhz

LCC Small Business                                                                                                                    LCC BLET

Lenoir County Fair Association                                                                                                  Bristle Cookin Team

Lenoir County Public Schools                                                                                                    Dust-N-Smoke

m3 Consulting & Services/Vick's Cleaners                                                                               Sandy Bottom Boys

Markham, Gray & Dennis, Inc.                                                                                                    Down East BBQ Boys

Massey Toyota                                                                                                                             Kee-Lang Cookers

Mat and Lara Tribula                                                                                                                    When Pigs Fly

Med Source                                                                                                                                  Smokey & the BBQ Bandits

Merrill Lynch-Charlotte                                                                                                                American Piggers

Mother Earth Brewing/Discovery Insurance                                                                              B&W BBQ

Mrs. Lindsey's Child Care                                                                                                            Smokey T's BBQ

Nationwide Insurance - Jeff Howard/Nationwide Insurance - Jim Walker                              Boy Scouts

Ned Grady                                                                                                                                    NC Swine and Shine

Neuse Sport Shop                                                                                                                       Johnny Smith

Pat & Kendall Hill                                                                                                                         Murry Barbee

Perry Management                                                                                                                      Late Night Porkin

Pride of Kinston                                                                                                                            Porketeers

Realo Discount Drug Stores, Inc. - Hardy Creech                                                                      Eyes of Texas BBW TM

Realo Discount Drug Stores, Inc. - Pink Hill                                                                                Rub Me Tender

Sale Auto Mall                                                                                                                               Beach Boys BBQ

Scott Matthews Family Dentistry                                                                                                 Bernie Hall

Sitterson and Company                                                                                                               The Backyard Chefs

Smithfield                                                                                                                                       Grilling Palms BBQ

Smith's Corner Crew                                                                                                                     Smith's Corner Crew

Southern Tide Construction                                                                                                        Southern Wonders BBQ

Spirit AeroSystems, Inc.                                                                                                               SauceMan BBQ

Steven Scott Cornhole Boards                                                                                                    The Pig Bang Theory

Sugar Hill/Mad Hatter/Inside Scoop                                                                                            Hog Havoc

The Beauty Box/The Exchange at Hometowne                                                                         Southern Traditions

The Boiler Room & Oyster Bar                                                                                                    Grillfather Cooking Team

The Free Press                                                                                                                             Backyard Bubba

Tim Watkins                                                                                                                                  Boo Boo BBQ

Triple P Parenting                                                                                                                         Purdy in Pink Cookin' Team

Two Amigos Heating & Air                                                                                                          VFW Post 2771

Union Bank                                                                                                                                  Captain Charlie's Cooks

W.A. Moore Insurance                                                                                                                 Baker Boy's BBQ

Wallace, Morris & Barwick                                                                                                          Hound Dog BBQ

Warner, Hood, & Cullpepper Family Wealth Management                                                      Toot's Smokin Coals

White & Allen                                                                                                                              Showtime's Legit BBQ

Wheeler Exterminating                                                                                                               Preston Brown

Woodmen Chapter #46                                                                                                             WoodmenLife Chapter #46