2018 BBQ Fest on the Neuse Wil King Hog Happenin' Winners


1. Lenoir Community College
2. B&W BBQ, Brittany Brayboy, sponsored by Mother Earth Brewery
3. BBQ Collective Smokehouse, Dean Hawley, sponsored by Davis Wholesale Tire

Product Quality - Backyard Division

1. Brown's BBQ, Preston Brown, sponsored by Dickie Killinger and Spring Arbor of Kinston
2. Kermit's Revenge, Brian Smith, Kenny Chadwick and Jeremy Jones, sponsored by Allstate Insurance Agents, Chris Humprhety and Carmon Jones
3. Baker Boys BBQ, Jason Baker, sponsored by W.A. Moore Insurance Company

Product Quality - Professional

1. Lazy Days, David Grandy, sponsored by CopyPro, Inc.
2. Beach Boys BBQ, Chris Fineran, sponsored by Sale Auto Mall
3. Purdy in Pink Cookin' Team, Brooke South, sponsored by Triple P-Positive Parenting Program, Steve Roman
4. Ms. Hawg Head, Amy Whitley, sponsored by State Farm Agents, Judy Jones, Wil Hardy and Keith Thompson

Carolina BBQ League

Brown's BBQ, Preston Brown, sponsored by Dickie Killinger and Spring Arbor of Kinston

2018 Sauce Boss Winners


1. #8 Eric's BBQ Sauce - Eric Johnson
2. #2 Ronnie's Hawaiian Sauce - Ronnie Foyles
3. #16 Sweet Heat - Kurt Bowman


1. #38 Mike D's BBQ Sauce - Michael De Los Santos
2. #35 Carolina Beast - Bar-B-Que Beast, LLC
3. #36 Hot Beast - Bar-B-Que Beast, LLC

People's Choice - Professional

#36 Hot Beast - Bar-B-Que Beast, LLC

People's Choice - Backyard

#8 Eric's BBQ Sauce - Eric Johnson 

2017 Wil king hog happenin' cookin' contest final rankings


RANK     TEAm name                    CHIEF COOK

1 Getting Piggy With It                            Wesley Bowers
2 Hound Dog BBQ                                  David Murray
3 Bristle Cookin' Team                            Jim Bristle
4 The Grillfather Cooking Team             Ernest Twisdale
5 BP Country Cookers                            Bobby Prescott
6 Beach Boys BBQ                                 Chris Fineran
7 Hall's Cookin' Team                              Mike Hall
8 Pickin' & Grillin' BBQ                            Kevin Wooten
9 Big Bad Wolf                                         Bruce Daniel
10 Ms. Hawg Head                                  Amy Whitley
11 Big Daddy's BBQ                                 Bill Whitley
12 Captain Charlie's Cooks                     Charlie Meeks
13 American Piggers                               John Moody
14 Bernie Hall                                           Bernie Hall
15 Down Home Cookers                         Chris Fitts
16 JR's SS                                                  Morgan Garner II
17 Blue Pig BBQ                                       Christopher Sykes
18 Sneak'n Out Back                               Ryan Murphy
19 Sweet & Saucy BBQ                           Kenny Kelly
20 David Hoffman                                   David Hoffman
21 East Coast Smoke House                  Sam Smith
22 Ramsey Street BBQ                           Scott Ramsey
23 Catch My Drift Cook Team                Tony Groff
24 Justin Black                                        Justin Black
25 N.C. Swine and Shine                        Timmy Ferrell
26 Baker Boy's BBQ                                Jason Baker
27 Southern Accent                                 Jon Hoffman
28 3 Pigs and a Hog                                Ray Beard
29 BBQ Collective Smokehouse            Dean Hawley
30 Clements Cookers                             Will Clements
31 Chubby Rob's BBQ                             Rob Braxton


RANK     TEAm name                    CHIEF COOK

1 B&W BBQ                                              Brittany Brayboy
2 Southern Wonders BBQ                      Adam Thompson
3 Kermit's Revenge                                 Brian Smith
4 Masontown Road Gang                       Benny Parrish
5 Kee-Lang Kookers                                Ronnie Mills
6 Natural Born Grillers                            William Shaw
7 M&D BBQ                                              Mark Jones
8 KCC KREW                                             Dave Marshburn
9 Tim Butler                                              Tim Butler
10 Thunder Swamp Smokers                  Craig Harrell
11 Pigs Cookin' Hogs                                Brandon Wells
12 Stocks Hog Farm                                 David Stocks
13 Porkin' Pirates                                      Susan Harper
14 The Hole Old Fashion Barbeque       David Brown
15 Team Green                                         Gary Green
16 Scouting Pigs                                       Trey Morgan
17 Old Dominion BBQ                              John Norton
18 Grillin' and Chillin'                                Daniel Hunnings
19 Heavy's Happy Hoggies                     Wendy Andrews
20 T & J's BBQ                                         Todd Wilson
21 The Pig Lebowski                                Brandon Houghton
22 Hog Havoc                                          Dru McDaniel
23 Jamie Ferrell                                       Jamie Ferrell
24 Lenoir Community College-2            Daniel McLawhorn
25 T & H Cookers                                    Cameron Harper
26 Convergy's Back Yard Grillers           Tom Hicks
27 Rub Me Tender                                    Larry Taylor
28 T-Bones Cooking Team                      Chris Turner
29 Smith's Corner                                     Jimmy Hill
30 Stooges BBQ                                       Jimmy Stroud
31 Butt Smokers                                        Eric Rouse
32 Preston Bunn                                       Preston Bunn
33 Eyes of Texas BBQ                              Robert Mitchell
34 Southern Traditions                             Sammy Whitehurst
35 Po Boyz BBQ                                       Travis Wright
36 Brown Town                                         Rufus Grant
37 Grillin and Chillin                                  Hunter Morgan
38 BB&T                                                     Tommy King
39 Camo and Que                                     Ricky Smith
40 VFW Post 2771                                     Michael Whitley
41 Red Eyed Smokers                               Bryan Thompson
42 Big Papa's BBQ and Stew                   Dennus Guill
43 Brown 2D Bone                                   Steven Ward
44 Dust-N-Smoke                                     Robert Hoffman Jr.
45 MGC BBQ                                            Doug Sauls
46 Tootsmokincoals                                 Demetrius Lynch
47 Lenoir Community College-1               Brian May
48 Full Boar Cherry Run                           Daniel Saucedo
49 Spirit AeroSystems-1                            Richard Wiggs
50 Hill's Cookers                                       A.J. Johnson
51 Ralph Bellamy                                       Ralph Bellamy